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Peninsula Tennis Club

About Us

Welcome to Peninsula Tennis Club (PTC) at Robb Athletic Field In San Diego, California. PTC is a public park tennis facility and 501c4 non-profit.

  • Can I reserve a court if I’m not a member?
    PTC is open to the public for walk-on play subject to court availability. Only members may reserve courts in advance.
  • How much does it cost to play at PTC?
    Active members play free. Juniors play free, subject to court availability. Walk-on players will be charged a day fee based on the rate schedule (link).
  • How can I become a member?
    PTC has affordable annual and 6-month memberships. See the rate schedule. Click the membership tab on our homepage and follow the instructions to join PTC.
  • How do I schedule lessons?
    Click on the email link to the pro you wish to contact to schedule a lesson.
  • Are PTC courts available to rent for tournaments or special tennis events?
    Yes, please contact our Club Manager, Duncan via email for information about availability and rental fees.

Our Mission

The Peninsula Tennis Club of San Diego is dedicated to providing and sustaining a quality tennis oriented facility for the general membership and for the general public through its Board of Directors and staff.

The club's goals are:

  • To manage the Peninsula Tennis Club on a non-profit basis, in such a way that all revenues received will be for the benefit of the Peninsula Tennis Club and the general public.

  • To promote the encouragement of community oriented activities; to manage and operate the Peninsula Tennis Club at Robb Field so reasonable membership fees will be kept to a minimum for the benefit of the membership and the general public.

  • To promote the growth, prosperity and development of the Peninsula Tennis Club in order to achieve the maximum potential of both the facility and the tennis community.

Approved unanimously by the Board of Directors on May 23, 2015.

Tennis racquet

Code of Ethics

It is considered unbecoming conduct if any member or non-member while on the property of Peninsula Tennis Club, engages in (A) abusive display of temper, (B) loud, abusive, or threatening language, (C) profanity, (D) obscene language or gestures, (E) racquet throwing, (F) behavior that could jeopardize the safety of persons or cause damage to property.

Any of the above maybe considered as grounds for ejection from the PTC property and/or cancellation of PTC membership.


Adopted by the PTC Board of Directors 2014

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